The Preschool of SBOA schools "TINY TYROS" is managed by the SBIOA Educational Trust. Here at TINY TYROS we aim to provide our students of ever lasting freedom. We encourage them to explore the world around them to kindle their intellectual curiosity, thereby laying the foundation for a sound learning in the years to come. The curriculum we offer will facilitate different zones of learning catering to the holistic development of an individual. Through exclusive celebration of various events we will convey the true importance in a long lasting manner. In order to inculcate these values, every year. Hence, we celebrate veggie day, fruit salad day, flowers day, colours day etc. We consider it essential to impart respect for our country and the knowledge for love for all religions to our students we celebrate festivals like Ramzan, Christmas, Pongal etc.


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Virtual KG Graduation Ceremony (2020-2021)

Glimpses of KG Activities (2020-2021))


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